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What is Mediation?  Is it right for me?

If you or a loved one are facing divorce and think that divorce mediation my resolve your dispute rather than a  contested and costly divorce case,  contact a Mediation Attorney at Shaw Law. Our mediation attorneys can answer your questions about divorce mediation at no cost to you.

Mediation in divorce is a process in which an unbiased third party, a mediator, helps divorcing parties reach agreement on contested issues.  Mediation attorneys work on bring the parties together to resolve their disputes in a peaceful nonadversarial method. These issues generally include division of property and debt, and each parent’s responsibilities regarding child custody, visitation, and child support.

Mediation gives you the opportunity to say what is important to you, and hear your spouse’s perspective in a civilized and fair setting. As you work through each issue, you design for yourselves a workable agreement that you both can live with. The solutions you reach together are tailored to your specific circumstances. If an agreement can be reached, it is reduced to writing and signed by the parties. This agreement is binding on the parties and converted into a divorce judgment that is entered with the court.


Less Stressful, Confidential

Mediation occurs in a controlled, confidential setting, which minimizes arguments between the parties and which allows each party to hear and consider what the other party is saying without the need for an immediate defensive response.   Divorce mediation is a process of resolving the issues in your divorce through discussion and mutual agreement rather than litigation and the trial process.  Often times attorneys can offer constructive information to work toward a settlement that the parties cannot do on their own. Mediation usually starts with the parties gathering information on assets and debts that were accumulated during the marriage.  After the financial information is gathered, a mediator typically meets with the parties to determine what they can agree on and what is in dispute. They then focus on resolving the disputed issues. If an agreement can be reached, it is reduced to writing and signed by the parties. This agreement is binding on the parties and converted into a divorce judgment that is entered with the court.


Mediation is generally much more cost effective than the parties proceeding to a contested court hearing, which may involve attorney fees and costs in the tens of thousands of dollars, require the involvement of expensive experts, and result in years of litigation, including possible appeals.  Divorce mediation can be less expensive than litigation if the parties truly want to resolve there differences and are open minded about the mediation process. Typically, the parties pay a mediator by the hour. Being organized can save money.  Also, figuring out what is at issue prior to mediation can also save money.

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Can I force my spouse to mediate our divorce? The short answer is no. The court will order the parties to nonbinding mediation. Ultimately everyone has a constitutional right to a trial. Mediation is most effective if both parties are actively participating and want to use the process to resolve their dispute. If one party doesn’t want to resolve the issues, than mediation can be a waste of time and money.


The role of the mediator is to guide and assist you and your spouse as you problem solve, rather than to impose solutions to conflicts as a judge would do. The mediator remains neutral to both parties, and keeps the issues clear.

The mediator does not provide legal advice to either party during the meetings. Rather, the mediator navigates you through difficult discussions and helps you both to explore your options, with the goal of reaching solutions that you and your spouse find fair and acceptable.

Divorce and custody law can be complex. It is extremely important to retain an an attorney mediator who has extensive experience in divorce and child custody disputes. Experience Matters! If you or a loved one or friend is facing divorce and think that mediation may resolve your dispute, you should contact a mediation attorney at Shaw Law.